• Janine Davis

Am I A Groupie?

I had the pleasure of introducing the stage production of 'Motown - The Musical'! It was a sold-out crowd, too! Took this selfie before I got started!

Anyway, while waiting to meet my contact for instruction, I ran into Fantasia and her husband and good friend Kendall. I didn't really think much about it - guess I was so engrossed into getting my instructions. But, after my work was done I realized I was dead set on getting a photo with Fantasia!

Now the woman was with her man enjoying the show. And what do I do? I track down an usher who then showed me EXACTLY where Fantasia was sitting and we strategically mapped out my plan to snap a photo with her.

And that's not all..I actually WAITED (tired, hungry and cold)...I WAITED until intermission when me and the usher would post up outside the door where Fantasia would exit if she were going to leave for the break. She didn't. so that was our cue.

I didn't even give her a chance to stand up and stretch before I was on her asking for a picture?! Agh!

I feel like 'shame'. Now that I reflect, I actually took on the characteristics of a bonefide 'groupie.' OMG!

What has become of me?? I'm acting like the very people I've described as 'thirsty', 'aggressive', 'too much!'

Oh, well - I guess we all have our moments. I certainly had mine! But, I also got a great photo, too!

One thing I will say I did that most groupies don't...BEFORE all that, I actually texted her husband to see if taking a photo would be okay.

So there. I"m not your average 'groupie' afterall.


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