• Janine Davis

Celebrating ME Time!

I got a chance to participate in the Southern Women Show this past weekend. I was part of the Women Inter-Cultural Exchange's Coffee and Conversation forum. It was REALTALK about how we as women are really good at taking care of everything and everybody else EXCEPT ourselves!

It gave us all an opportunity to take a closer look at how we treat ourselves as women! As moderator for the panel, I declared that I am adamant about taking my 'me' time daily. That 'me' time consisted of at least 10 minutes of just me. To my surprise, it got a laugh - clearly it's comical to only allow yourself 10 minutes a day of 'me' time. And I thought I was doing well:)

Needless to say, after the event I did rethink my allotted 'me' time and thought how great it would be if I allowed myself - say, a full 30 minutes of 'me' time every day. At first thought, it seems so ridiculous! When would I find the time? How could I spare it? What would I have to sacrifice?

Asking THOSE questions about giving MYSELF time TO MYSELF is even more ridiculous, right? I deserve some quiet time and WITHOUT the guilt!

So let's see how that 'me' time could look....

It could be driving to work in the morning with no sound - that means NO radio, NO phone, and of course, NO texting! (not that I do that anyway:)

It could be, while at work during a bathroom or snack break, being in that space alone. Just breathing. No heaving thinking. Praying.

So, while it may not be 30 minutes at one time, I am definitely committed to allowing myself time just for ME! In the end, it's about peace of mind and MY SANITY!!


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