• Janine Davis

The Inconvenience Of Purpose

My cousin and I just hosted a Parent Summit! It could not have come at a more inconvenient time for both of us. She's working on getting some extensive research published and has been working for months on finalizing it! I have been caught up in making sure my organization stays in full operation mode along with producing a signature community event and major fundraiser - both to take place within a month apart. And oh, did I mention I'm also secretly planning my cousins 50th birthday party. Taking on and delivering another event was NOT a part of the plan.

But, somehow we both felt compelled to make this 'other' event happen! And it did. Not without a few snafu's. Last-minute marketing and a partner pulling out only netted us 15 people in attendance. We expected at least 50. But as they say, 'The show must go on!'

And the show went on surprisingly well. There were even a few emotional breakthroughs from the people in the room. It was great energy. Everyone was so honest, sincere and willing to ask for help and offer it. We were all so hyped after the event, we started making plans for Parent Summit II in the fall!

So now when I look back at it all...though it seemed convenient at the time, it was part of our purpose to do that work. I also realize several things fell into place without as much effort as we thought.

My cousin was featured on two TV news shows and has since been asked to return to one of them to be featured on a parenting series. I was able to secure a sponsor to absorb more than half of the expenses. The hotel was accommodating and is eager to work with us again.

And most importantly, because of our pure intent of the event to help others, a family plans to communicate differently.

No, it wasn't convenient timing, but as I continue to learn, fulfilling purpose isn't about what's 'convenient' for me. It's about using God's gift to help others.

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