• Janine Davis

My Shark Tank Experience - Sort of:)

Pretty exciting, but scary at the same time. Each of us have been assigned 'coaches' for the last couple of months to help us fine tune our message. As a social entrepreneur or creater of your vision, you think you know what your message is and why it is? NOT!

What I've learned is just because something makes perfect sense in your head, that you gave birth to the idea and live with it everyday doesn't mean you can convey that message so that others understand it clearly. That was the coaches job - to help us widdle down to the meat of our message. What are you REALLY doing? And how is it REALLY helping the community?

Those questions can be pretty intimidating once you get alone with your thoughts. You start to question your motives, intentions, and if your 'great idea' actually works! All those questions and more entered my head and made me second guess the purpose of it all. More specifically, MY purpose.

I was beginning to better understand the phrase 'shark tank' - I felt under the gun by my own thoughts!

Then I got in my quiet spot (where I am now) and started to really think long and hard about MY purpose. I didn't just one day say I want to start a non-profit organization. I was a pretty successful radio personality, afterall. Who would want to trade in free radio concerts, celebrity parties and free trips to listen to attitudinal teenaged girls? WHO DOES THAT??

In my quiet space, I realized it wasn't about ME. It's about God's purpose for my life. You see, I began to understand that when an idea comes to you that seems so crazy and so far left field and takes you completely out of your comfort zone, it HAS to be God! I learned HIS plan is not MY plan. And once I realized it wasn't about Janine, but rather God using me to fulfill HIS plan, it all made sense.

There was a reason I was chosen to be a part of SEED20. I needed my thinking to be challenged. I needed to actually begin to ask those questions like "What am I REALLY doing?" "Why am I doing this?" It was all designed to bring me back to my purpose.

I learned that when I second guess my purpose, I'm second guessing God. And God is always clear - I just have to make the time to listen.


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