• Janine Davis

Make It Happen

So excited to hang out with the young folk today! They are juniors and seniors in high school serving as teen ambassadors for the upcoming Food Lion CIAA Teen Summit. The purpose of our meeting was to get their input on how to make this year's Teen Summit even more engaging and informative for students. The ultimate goal is preparing young people for life after high school.

Will it be college (we hope)? Or will they prefer foregoing the traditional route and engage in a two-year institution, community college or trade school? Whatever the choice, we want them to be bold and confident in their next move.

Having said that, I have to ask myself as an adult now, 'Am I being bold and confident in my next move?' I can recall being a senior in high school, getting ready for college. I was enthusiastic and hopeful about what the future had to offer me. I had the 'Go-and-get-it attitude.' I now wonder 'Have I gotten away from being creative and hopeful?' "Has fear paralyzed ME?"

If I'm being completely honest with myself, the answer to those questions is YES. I'm not as bold and confident as I used to be, And it seems my 'go-and-get-it' attitude has gotten up and went! What happened?? They call it 'life.'

But, as I sit here continuing to blog and reflect - there is some truth to 'life is what you make it.' Being bold, hopeful and happy is a choice. The same way I and my team are encouraging these young people to choose the next step for their lives, I can choose my next steps.

An old friend recently reminded of how impactful he thought the pledge we teach girls is. There's a part of the pledge which states 'what I speak about, I bring about.' It's a simple phrase, but so true! Oprah says it all the time - speak what you want to happen and BELIEVE. The universe will agree wtih you and it'll happen!

Just like I spoke that my radio career wasn't enough and that something was missing and I wanted to fulfill a bigger purpose. Voila! Six months later, Girl Talk was born. It's impacting nearly 600 girls a year giving them a voice, helping them to thrive and learn resilience.

I still have that yearning to do more! I believe there's still an opportunity to make a bigger impact. The key is - not allowing fear to get in the way. There's no room for it!

Here's to pushing forward and making it happen!


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