• Janine Davis

Leaving A Legacy

Tonight's the night my non profit agency, Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. shows up at the Charlotte Hornets game to help promote the work we do with girls. Two of my girls attended to represent us - Keziah and Sydney. I'm looking at them in amazement. Keziah is in high school now and Sydney just graduated from high school now headed into another major chapter of her life. It seems like yesterday, those two were just wiping the sleep from their eyes taking part (reluctantly) in our Saturday morning sessions.

I was staring at them as they chatted it up with Hornets fans for our recent game event. Sydney saw me watching and ran over to give me a full body hug! She said to me, "Thank you, Miss JD!" And I said, "For what?" She was so candid and sincere in her response, "For helping me love me and doing something with my life." I hugged her back - really hard this time, fighting back the tears. I managed to say, "You're so welcome - that's why I'm here."

I later thought about that moment and my response - "That's why I'm here." I've fought it for a while now, but THAT IS why I'm here! I'm supposed to help young ladies recognize their greatness and succeed. I'm supposed to help show our younger generation 'how to'. I'm supposed to help fill a hole that's been left in the world. I realize purpose is what it's all about. When I leave this earth, I want to leave knowing that I made an impact and a real difference in someone's life. It's not all about me - though I used to think it was.

Maybe this is a true sign of maturity?:) Or God becoming more present in my life. Either way, I'll receive it!!


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