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Hope Dealers

I've been working with a colleague and friend on trying to come up with solutions to help 'save the world.' I've come to realize no matter how hard I try NOT to take on anymore 'projects' or come up with anymore 'ideas', I can't help myself. It's just in my DNA now to help those who need it. I mean, afterall, it IS our purpose, right?

Anyway, with that said I couldn't help but share her recent blog on being a 'hope dealer'. I'm in!!

Seek Root Cause Solutions

Brandi Williams

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and he brought up a good point. we don't want to revitalize the ghetto. we want to vitalize the ghetto. we want to change it. give it life. give the people who live there life.

this is exactly what i hope to do with one of my latest ventures:

hope dealing: a collaborative community approach to ending poverty

the premise of the project (see description below) is simple - we will offer hope and the tools needed to succeed to those living in poverty to help them reach their true destiny.

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