• Janine Davis

Celebrating My Mom!

Today was a great day! Celebrated my mom's 75th birthday!! We surprised her - sort of:) She thought we were having a quiet, intimate family dinner of five at my cousins house, BUT....we secretly invited her friends from her old job, her church family and a few friends I grew up with! In all, it turned out to be about 20 people - so goes the idea of 'quiet.'

Anyway, she could have not been more thrilled!! I can truly say she was quite suprised to see faces from the past and present - all there to celebrate her. Her smile, her positivity, her giving spirit! I look at her and see strength. I realize all the sacrifices she's made for me and my brother to grow up healthy and happy. Going through a divorce from a man who simply wasn't ready, raising two kids, long hours, likely not the pay that would have made her comfortable, but still always keeping her kids well-being in the forefront. It amazes me that through it all, she still manages to smile and not hold a grudge!

I'm sure she'd give God the credit. So I say to Him "Thank you for a mom with strength, resilience and a forgiving spirit! I am blessed!!"


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