• Janine Davis

A Big Job!

Had a great Girl Talk session this weekend! As part of my purpose in life, I'm continuing to share my knowledge and the expertise from others with our younger sisters. More specifically, the girls who are a part of the nonprofit I started some 12 years ago - Girl Talk Foundation, Inc.

We're in the middle of a 16-week curriculum called "Tailoring Teens for Success." This weekend, the focus was on the 'Do's & Do's of Social Media.' That is the world young people live in! It's all about Instagram, Snap Chat, Tumblr and God knows what else!

Anyway, I was reminded by the young ladies how naive they really are to the 'real world.' Over 90% raised their hands to say they are engaged in social media. Surprisely, the same number of them admitted they thought it's okay to meet someone online then later face-to-face. WHAT??!!

It took the police detective who was there to facilitate to tell a true story of a teen girl who met a stranger online and whose body was later found in a field - she'd be decapitated. I looked at the horror on the girls' faces and was actually relieved. I was relieved that they actually showed some sensitivity to such a senseless act. I was secretly hoping they were even 'frightened' by what they heard.

I did hear a few murmurs and realized our work is never done. If we don't 'teach' them, how will they learn? How can we criticize them for making poor decisions or 'not knowing' when we aren't willing to roll up our sleeves and jumping in to do the work necessary to prepare them.

It is a big job, but I'm equipped and ready to go!


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