• Janine Davis

I'm In Love With....

Went to a dear friends engagement party this weekend! It was about 50 of his and her family

and closest friends. I felt honored to be there! It was at the Ritz-Carlton, private dining setting, open bar, music, panoramic views, all-cream and crystal. Beautiful!

We all mingled over cocktails before the arrival of the 'couple.' Well-tailored servers walked around with platinum trays, offering bite-sized chicken quasadellas and chicken salad with sprouts on wheat.

Then we were all summoned to the main area where we watched a montage of fabolous photos of the two. After seeing those pictures, I was convinced you can't fake real love. It's in the eyes, the touch, the body - I mean everything about them oozed LOVE!!

Shortly after, the couple entered the room in grand fashion!! And there it was....LOVE up close and in person. He led the way, holding her hand with a sense of strength and protection. She followed willingly with pride. And of course, both were all smiles.

He spoke. He talked about how blessed he was that God had given him his 'queen'. And he thanked all of us for our 'smiles.' He said he'd researched the meaning behind a smile and realized ultimately it means approval. He thanked us all for 'smiling' at him and his bride-to-be; for 'smiling' at their relationship. He walked around the room personally thanking his family for 'smiling' on his life and who he's become.

I looked at my friend, the bride-to-be, and could actually feel her love for him. The way she looked at him as he was speaking, how she would gently rub his back for support and allow him his space to laugh with friends. I was witnessing real love.

She was the friend, like me, who has been on the dating scene and not willing to settle. She didn't. She got what she wanted and deserves - TRUE LOVE.

I'm in love...with love!

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