• Janine Davis

3-2-1...and I'm ON!

I didn't think I'd be back so soon, but here I am in the V 101.9 fm studio with head phones on and a mic in front of me! I was in the radio studio earlier this week getting a 'refresher' course! I've been off the 'mic' for the past four years, but its amazing how quickly it felt like 'home.' It was easy - almost effortless. And more importantly, it was FUN again!

I don't have a regular shift - just working part-time now, which works for me as I continue to balance the full-time work of running Girl Talk! Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?!!:)

I saw Denzel Washington's movie "Equalizer" for the second time this week and remember a quote from Mark Twain that is shown at the beginning of the movie. It resonates so clearly with me as I continue my journey. The quote was something like this - "There are two important days in a man's life - the day he is born and the day he figures out why."

I'm learning to live with purpose! And to let go of the things I think I'm supposed to do. It makes living so much easier.


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