• Janine Davis

Happy B-Day to Me!

Just had a fabulous birthday dinner with my girls! (my grown up girls:) Ten of us met at my favorite restaurant and it was so refreshing to be surrounded by love and authenticity!

We all often get caught up in the day-to-day busyness of life! Seldom taking time to just call and say 'how ya doing?" And really mean it. Sometimes your friends take a backseat to a conference call, a meeting, a offsite retreat, board meeting, a deadline, and the list goes on.

I say all that to say - I'm so happy to have a group of 'true friends' who remind me of how blessed I am to have those around me who think enough of me to take time to celebrate my birthday. I'm blessed to have a friend circle who encourages me, inspires me, challenges me and even 'checks' me when necessary.

I never knew how important having that 'circle' would be until I got 'good and grown.' They are the ones who keep me grounded and remind me of my gifts to give the world. They keep me laughing and acting silly and remembering that life is what you make it. Thank God for girlflriends!

Love my girls!!


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