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Ok, I'm officially a 'swimmer' now!!! Well, I"m no Mike Phelps, but I can actually go to a swimming pool or large body of water and not 'pretend' to look relaxed. I no longer have to waste a good bathing suit - I can actually get it WET!:)

I can't believe I actually conquered my fear of the water at age 47! Amazing! In case I didn't mention it earlier, my cousin and I made a pact to learn to swim. We were sick and tired of being the 'cute' girls at the pool who were too afraid to get their hair wet. In reality, it was afraid of drowning.

We went to a woman who's been called the 'Swim Nazi.' She didn't particularly like the name, but she was effective. She guarantees you'll learn to swim in five days. And we did!! Her motto - GO! That's what she commanded of me and my cuz after just 15 minutes in the water (learning to hold our breath.) She was really clear and authoritative in saying 'GO!' It was that simple. So, we were obedient and WENT!

After a few times of forgetting I wasn't a fish and could inhale water and one rather dramatic episode of gagging, I just let go of the fear and started to swim! The entire experience was rather symbolic of trusting God.

There was a point where I was learning to float. The key to floating is you HAVE to be completely relaxed. If not, you start to sink. It's very similar to letting go and allowing God to work on your behalf vs. you worrying, trying to fix things on your own, getting tense, then sinking. So trust God OR do it your way and suffer.

Who knew swimming could turn out to be a true life lesson!


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