• Janine Davis

Another weight loss trick - Promises, promises

Become 40-something is still growing one me. I'm putting on lbs. in places I didn't think were possible - GEEZ! Anyway, went to a phenomenal event last weekend called "Pretty Girls Alliance." Several professional women who all stepped out on faith to start living their purpose got together for lunch a new swanky spot in Southpark.

There were hairstylists, fitness guru's, Mary Kay consultants, social entrepreneurs (like myself) and other professional women who felt 'stuck' in corporate America and hungry for inspiration to do something different.

It was from this gathering, I caught the whatever-it-takes-to-lose-weight bug and broke down and puchased some IsaLean. I got the shake - Creamy French Vanilla. My 30th high school reunion is coming up and of course I want to look by best:)

Anyway, I'm on day #8 - don't see much of a chnage, but it probably hasn't helped I've been chowing down on everything from ice cream sandwiches, pork ribs to potato chips. That likely hindered my 'weight loss.' Oh, well - I'll try working out again!

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