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Be a part of the GIRL MOVEMENT and INVEST IN A GIRL through the nonprofit Girl Talk Foundation, Inc.


I started this 'movement' because of my neice to the right! I want girls to know their worth and figure out what they have to offer the world.


I ask you to learn more about us! No matter your contrbution, your support ensures a girl receives an enriching experience in Girl Talk that  builds her confidence and expands her vision to achieve greatness.


I'd Like To Share A Story With You...


As I've gotten more 'mature' I like to say, I've learned the power of

thoughts and 'planting a seed.' I started my nonprofit for teen girls

because of a conversation  with my 10 year-old neice, Sam. She

shared with me her lifelong goal of... becoming a dancer in a video.


After some deep thought and further conversation with her, I

concluded Sam's 'dream job' equated to what she thought of

herself.  Now, understand, there's nothing wrong with being a

video dancer, but I did wonder why didn't she think to be  the

video director or own the studio that produces the video?


Did she not think bigger for herself because she did not know to

think bigger?


Today, she's neither. Instead, she's a mother of two with her own

successful business as a hairstylist.  She recently sent me a

business card and a thank you text that said she appreciated me believing in her. It pushed her to want more for herself.


I can't begin to count the stories of Girl Talk girls, who like my neice, needed that extra boost that enabled them to reach further. Whether it's Alma who suffered from depression and was socially inept, but  is now a college freshman active in campus life; or Moriah who was too shy to speak up in class, but is now competing for a student government  role in college -- it is moments like these that affirm the work needed in Girl Talk.


I am convinced it's my passion and purpose to help girls realize and achieve their full potential.


Won't you be part of the girl movement. CHANGE A GIRL, CHANGE THE WORLD.

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